B Class Atlantic 75 Inshore Lifeboat Eve Pank (B-756)

The RNLI operate two types of B class inshore lifeboats: the Atlantic 75  and Atlantic 85. The name Atlantic is taken from Atlantic College in Wales. This is where the rigid inflatable was first developed. The Falmouth Inshore Lifeboat is an an Atlantic 75.

These lifeboats are fast, manoeuvrable and very reliable and can operate in rough weather conditions including at night.

Eve Pank entered service at Falmouth on 28 June 2007, replacing the Atlantic 21 Falmouth Round Table, which had served 13 years at the station.

Before arriving at Falmouth, Eve Pank served in the relief fleet at Sheringham, Bundoran, Skerries, Brighton, Poole, St Bees, Ramsgate and St Helier.


Length: 7.38m

Overall beam: 2.65m

Length of hull: 6.17m

Weight with crew: approx 3,200lbs

Crew: 3

Speed: 32knots

Duration: 3 hours at maximum speed