‘Calling For Help’ Interactive discussion on emergency alerting.
[Running time: 1 hour to 75 minutes]

This presentation is supported with a broad range of Emergency Alerting equipment including EPIRB’s PLB’s, Radio’s, AIS SARTS, Distress Flares and Strobes.

Fire afloat – Prevention and Intervention
[Running time: 1 hour]

Aimed mainly at the cruising yacht, Motor Cruiser or powerboat. The presentation includes advice on Prevention, Intervention and suitable types of equipment available.

Firefighting & Rescue @ Sea
[Running time: 1 hour]

A general interest talk of firefighting on commercial vessels around the cost of Cornwall

Man Overboard (MOB)
[Running time: 1 hour to 75 minutes]

An interactive presentation on the cause, prevention, spotting and recovery of a Man Overboard for both yachts and motor cruisers.

VHF SRC Refresher
[Running time: 1 hour]

A reminder of the fundamentals of using VHF Marine Radio for Distress, Urgency and Safety calling. It includes a short fun quiz and is fully interactive with the audience

Sea Survival Refresher
[Running time: 1 hour]

The theory of using lifejackets, liferafts, flares, VHF, PLB’s & EPIRBS, Lifeboat and Helicopter rescue

Lifejacket Clinic
[Running time:90 minutes to 2 hours depending on numbers attending]

This is the current flagship presentation given by the Sea Safety Team. The presentation begins with a short talk on lifejackets and their use followed by a practical demonstration of how the user can check their own equipment. The event concludes with the Sea Safety Team carrying out one on one checks using the audiences own equipment. Attendees are therefore encouraged to bring along their own Lifejackets for checking

IRPS Refresher
[Running time: 1 hour]

A reminder to leisure sailors using the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collision at Sea to avoid collision by the recognition and use of day shapes, lights and sound singles (Includes a quiz)

When the crew Must take over!
[Running time – 1 hour]

A fully interactive presentation aimed at yacht or Motor Cruiser crew i.e. husbands, wives, partners, guests or friends who sail aboard a yacht but who do not necessarily have the knowledge, experience or skills to take command of the vessel if the skipper was injured, ill or  overboard. The talk begins with an interactive scenario to challenge the audience on what to do if the skipper was suddenly incapacitated whilst helming offshore. We  look at dealing with an MOB, fire or gas explosion aboard. VHF Radio simulators are used to demonstrate how to send a Digital Distress Alert and Mayday by voice and the use of an EPIRB or PLB to raise the alarm and give position. Chart Plotter MOB facilities and the use of flares are also discussed.


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