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'The History of the Falmouth Lifeboats'. is a complete history of the Falmouth Lifeboats from 1867 to 1998 by Jeff Morris, the Honorary Archivist of the Lifeboat Enthusiasts' Society.Yiu can read the history of the Stations awards here.

A PDF History of the first Falmouth Lifeboat is available here. (This will open in a new window)

The Lifeboats of Falmouth The Coxswains
ON 118 City of Gloucester

ON ? Jane Whittingham
Legacy of M Whittingham of London.

ON 372 Bob Newbon
Legacy of Mr. R.A. Newbon of London.

ON 417 Jane Anne
Legacy of Mr.G.Nicholls of London.

ON 664 Herbert Sturmy
Legacy of Mrs H. Sturmy of Blackheath.

ON 671 The Brothers
Gift of Mesdanes Eddy, Torquay.

ON 687 B.A.S.P.
Amalgamation of legacies.

1940 -1968
ON 829 Crawford and Constance Coneybeare
Gift of Mrs Coneybeare of London.

1968 -1974
ON 928 Lilla Marras,*
Douglas and Will Legacies Mrs J Marra
Mr J Douglas Mr W Kennedy.

*Previously stationed at Cromarty where she launched on 24 occasions and saved 10 lives.

1974 -1979
Gift of Rotary International Great Britain and Ireland and legacies of Mr D I Craig, Mary
Ann Redgate and Mary Conbronge Fowkes

Gift of John Slater Foundation, Sir Kirby Laing Foundation and
a number of other gifts and legacies.

ON 1201 The Will
For a full description of "The Will" and the background to the
name please check out the page here

ON 1256 Richard Cox Scott
Principally funded by a bequest from Mrs Ruth Marygolg Dix Scott, who passed away in May 1998, bequeathing her residuary estate to the RNLI . Mrs Scott had a love for the sea since her childhood and had lived in Cornwall for many years. The Lifeboat is named after her late Husband.

1867-1873 John Hurley
1873-1875 Thomas Medlin
1875-1882 John Roberts
1882-1898 Edwin Hall
1898-1901 Francis Jose
1901-1919 Samuel Hingston
1919-1921 William Tonkin
1921-1930 John Dunstone
1930-1947 John Snell
1947-1960 Charles Brown
1960-1972 Bert West
1972-1975 Walter Brown
1975-1980 Arthur West
1980-1989 Vivian Pentecost
1989-1991 John Barton
1991-2005 Alan Barnes
2005- Mark Pollard





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